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Introductory Note

Post  DMgoddess on Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:31 pm


As most of you know, the setting is modern day Philadelphia.

*Everyone should read “The Chestnut Street Compact” pop out section that’s on page 22 of the Hunter core book.

At the back of the book (around page 334 to be exact) there’s an appendix about Hunting in Philadelphia. Parts of it are a good primer for tone for both sides and other parts we’re striking entirely.

*Most the beginning part is, literally, history. Obviously, Philly is a historical city whose roots can’t be ignored. That said, since most of the content here is directed at campaigns taking place in the seventeen hundreds, you can pretty much skip this part.

*Ignore everything in the at-a-glance section for how Hunter societies interact. My Philly is different.

*P. 341 starts a segment on different neighborhoods. The descriptions of the neighborhoods are worth reading, as Philly is very segmented and we’ll be using real maps for our campaign. You can ignore the specific bios of people though (unless you wanna read them just for local flavour) as I won’t be using any pre-mades.

*Don’t bother looking at the auxiliary books for Hunter. They also have a focus on Philly, but to my knowledge the meat of this campaign is totally different from anything you’d find there. Essentially, you can’t find anything relevant to the plot by research unless you have access to my laptop or my head. XP

Perhaps more relevant to the Glamours side of the campaign, the start date is going to be Summer. The significance of this is that the summer court is losing power while the autumn court is gaining it. Specifically, it’s going to span a period of a few weeks right around Midsummer.

Things for all characters playing changelings to know: *Pacts and Oaths (the information in the core book is sufficient) *The basic associations for each court

If you are Glamours side and NOT a changeling, you must have allegiance to a court and know which one and why. John and Ben—Make sure ya’ll get around to doing those pre-rps with me. =)

I’ll send out further blurbs as they become available, specifically one detailing how the campaign is going to functionally work and another about the groups and group politics present in the city.

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