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Pregame notes//Guns

Post  DMgoddess on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:49 pm

This is essentially a copy of the notes I gave to the Guns kids before their first sesh, for future perusal.


1) All research will take place between sessions. I actually explained this for Alex and will paste that convo in a different note that further clarifies how this will work. Essentially, you tell me what you're looking for and how you wanna go about getting it, and I'll produce actual documents as per your query.
2) All players will be receiving documents during the pause between sessions. This is to keep stuff happening between sessions, which is important since each group is meeting bi-weekly. Media can be anything from a dream to an email, and will be under your characters' name on a forum created for this purpose.

The following are organizations that are important to establish the theme and breadth of the city.

1) The Order of the Immaculate Resurrection, or OIR: Freaky religious-shaped cult. No one really knows a whole lot about them--except what's in their pamphlets and on their website. The pamphlets and posters seem to be everywhere now; Men in black coats give them to school children, your characters would have politely wadded them up and thrown them away after the guy in front of the coffee joint shoved it into your hands before the second sip of your latte. But while they might look like just another pseudo-religion looking to swindle the gullible, there's a definitely sinister aspect in what they're preaching--If anyone bothers to glance twice, they'll catch an undertone of joy in their declaration of the endtimes coming nigh...

2) Project Valkyrie: The CIA of Hunter Agencies. Not that the local agencies particularly like it, but Project V has oversight over them. It's definitely an ill-defined, hazy sort of oversight--Men and women devoted to seeking out and extinguishing darkness tend to dislike cryptic shadow agencies claiming sovereignty over them, but ultimately it pays to have a binding factor between incidents, and few local agencies have the manpower or even the visibility to accomplish true cooperation. Project V itself is run as a plainclothes non-civilian organization that doesn't show up on very many lists. Many smaller hunter cells never even come into contact with the big boys; and as such contact is usually directly related to large crisis-type happenings, most don't mind that one bit.

3) Malleus Maleficorum: The MM also make sure their presence is felt in Philly. These boys carry crosses and holy water, and they know how to use them. Closely affiliated with the Catholic church and trained to die rather than let the night advance an inch, these militaristic Hunters come from all faiths but share in common both discipline and precise training. Their piercing faith and devout denial of any grey area makes them dangerous, and not just to the bogey men. They dominate the city in terms of National Hunter organizations and tend to look down on the local efforts, such as Pennypack.

4) The Pennypack Boys: Named for the park in which their HQ is located, Pennypack represents the localized front against darkness. Founded from the dregs of the Chesnut Street compact, they're a loose affiliation of smaller cells who are largely comprised of civilians fighting what ways they can. Led by Jameson Chang, the group is currently struggling to maintain dominance in their home city against the larger Malleus Maleficorum. Supernaturals know of Pennypack and even encourage it: It's boys may not be the best trained, but they're comparatively open to reason (though they wouldn't consider THEMSELVES lenient, but then that's why you don't tell the humans everything, now isn't it?) and also for various reasons easier to lead to conclusions and crime scenes... And there are things that go bump in the night which make even other night things shudder. Better they keep fighting the good fight, for everyone's sake.

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