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Have your character DRAWN!! Empty Have your character DRAWN!!

Post  Hyakinth on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:45 am

Hello all! This is Ben.

Just presenting the option for those interested that I will be interested in drawing people's characters if they so choose.

(I'm also kind of a set-completionist, so once I start a few I may wish to draw everyone's characters XD Its still your choice though.)

Okay! First I need to clear the air of heightened excitement for those who have seen my normal pictures, as I'm afraid I might disappoint you here. Those pictures are highly detailed and a lot of work goes into them, and I use several references in order to draw them. Also, drawing clothing or whole bodies in that style is almost impossible for me.

So, I'm going to be drawing these pictures a little more 'cartoony', which is to say still realistic, but with less emphasis on minor details, which should take me a lot less time to do. I will be drawing in pencil only, but colors are still important for shading/tone and such. They will be full body pictures, but not 'in action' style, just standing as they would stand normally.

NOW! What I need from any of those interested is a reply to this post complete with the following:

(NOTE!: All of the requirements below have the offer of using actual PICTURES for reference; please paste the LINK of the picture in your reply, preferably with some description about WHAT I should be taking from the picture.)

(AND IF ANYONE SHOWS ME PICTURES OF NAKED FEMALES, you don't get a drawing. So please, don't do that to me. And because its only fair *sighs* no pictures of naked men.)

1 - FACE. A detailed description of their facial features (eyes, eyebrows, nose, jaw, cheeks, ears, forehead, etc.).

2 - HAIR. I know this seems minor, but it has a large impact on the way the character looks. Color, style, length, type, etc.

3 - BODY. Height (in numbers, like so-and-so is 5'11"), frame size small/medium/large (which essentially means i.e. how broad the shoulders are, overall proportion distribution, etc.), weight as in 'thin' and 'fat' but also as 'lean' 'toned' and 'muscular'. I will, sadly, need to know how big those things on the chests of female characters are. I will stress again the importance of the NO NAKED PICTURES here. PERIOD. If you must use a picture to show the body proportions, the females must be wearing a bra/underwear, and men must be wearing underwear.

4 - CLOTHES. Doesn't have to be their entire wardrobe, just what you see them wearing on any particular day. Or if you want a specific outfit, specify. Pictures are almost necessary for this. If I can say something though, nothing with too much fine detail, its very difficult to draw a shirt that's covered with fine embroidery AND do the shading. (Same goes for tattoos, very difficult to draw.)

5 - ACCESSORIES. I know, sort of in the clothes idea. But not always. Weapons and other extraneous equipment go here. Pictures if you can find any.

6 - ANYTHING ELSE. I'm not going to draw like a background or anything, but if there's something I've missed that you don't see in the options above, let me know what it is.

I hope many if not all of you will take part! I'm really interested in doing this for people, but realize that I'll need time to get them all done as well. But I will try my hardest!

~ Ben


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