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Post  DMgoddess on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:32 am

If you get a chance, write a blurb giving a physical description of your character. Pictures also work, though they should be posted in the extras section or the gallery (depending on size).

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Post  Max on Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:31 pm

"Well, yes, Dylan Marriott is smart. One of my better students. But when he writes a proof on the board...he jingles."
--Dr. Gregory Bernmann, Professor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania

Okay, fine. I'll break the ice on this one.

I can't draw, so any drawing of my character would be awesome. Too awesome for words.

Dylan stands about 5' 9", his skin is a little more tan than usual, perhaps marking Romani, Native American, Iberian, or any number of ethnicities. His hair is jet black. No one knows for sure, except for his mother (who has quite pale skin and red hair, throwing the perception of his appearance into further ridicule, especially in Po-dunk, Oregon), but she has been quite silent on the topic of his father. He is very lean, he almost looks as if you could pick him up and throw him over your shoulder. As far as muscles go they're small, but tight. As much as he tried to bulk up in gym class, he could never get that large.

His clothes are practical. They fit, he tends to darker colours rather than pastel tones, nearly exclusively, (burgundy, hunter green, charcoal, chocolate brown, navy, and especially black...), and wears basic items. Collared shirts, tees, 501 fit jeans.

What people notice, and what people notice first and are most intrigued or put off by, are the accessories. Dylan looks like he could collapse from the very weight of them. Each arm is teeming with bracelets and bangles of every material ranging from wood, leather, macrame, and all kinds of metal (silver is curiously absent) , a couple of rings on each hand, a handful of necklaces, perhaps a different hat each day, as well as a different watch. His shoes look ripped from the runway, or crafted by a short man in a dark Italian basement named Guiseppe, and most often a mixture of the two.

He walks with a purpose, his eyes constantly dart around. He's usually smiling, or smirking, or cracking wise.


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