Guns and Glamours
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Post  DMgoddess on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:35 pm

Searchable database of Hunter knowledge. It's not known who edits or upkeeps these archives. IT's thought by many that they come straight from the top, though both the US government and Project Valkyrie deny association.

The access to different layers of the archives is restricted. Those logging on as civilians will find accurate if vague descriptions of phenomena that are of about the same caliber as many hoax conspiracy theory sites, whereas if you log on with a valid password you get much more, let's say, career-specific information. The Headquarters of Nationally recognized Hunter organizations are rumored to have access to other, more exclusive parts of the site... [Protip: Project Valkyrie and MM are considered nationally recognized, whereas Pennypack only has supervision in Pennsylvania with a few branches in outlying communities].

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