network.0 and Project Veritas: a tutorial

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network.0 and Project Veritas: a tutorial

Post  DMgoddess on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:14 pm

The following is an excerpt of the relevant bits from a conversation with Alex wherein I better explained about what the hell I meant with research and network.0--Which by the way isn't anything like the hunter organization in the book.

Kitten: my other question is about the whole research thing
Kitten: I'm just confused about that in a whole too
Kara: Okays! That's less a WoD thing and more a Kara thing.
Kitten: okies
Kara: Essentially, I'm going to put a forum on the site (actually the Hunter side is already up, but I'm gonna make changes to it so nyeh).
Kara: Normally, in game research is slow and kind of stupid. Essentially you make rolls in a really repetitive manner and it takes forever and then you get told like "Ok, so you find out that the count had a brother in textiles, and everyone in his family died within a year."
Kara: And in my book that's kinda lame. Very much a "telling" and not an "experiancing".
Kara: So what we're going to do, is if you want to do research during the game, you delegate it to between sessions.
Kara: And you tell me, either in an IM or on the forum or if you see me walk down the street, something like "Hey Kara! So I was thinking about first sesh and maybe there might be something on the hunter network about trees coming alive. Before next session, could Zilla try and do some research?" or even "So yeah, I wanna hack into the system at Pennypack and find Cam's home address so I can TP his house cause he's a whiny little bitch boy."
Kitten: lol
Kara: And I write up an actual document giving you the info you need and post it on the forum, and you're like "Oh yays! For I have always wanted an encyclopedia article on walking trees done in the style of the mythology of Kara's mind!"
Kitten: lol
Kara: Make more sense now?
Kitten: yup
Kitten: so...........
Kitten: could zilla hack the system to get cam's addy so she can coat his house in cow's blood??
Kara: Lol.
Kitten: It would freak out his neighbours
Kara: Well, does she have any techie skills? XD And wouldn't she have been to his house, for that matter, if they'd been an item? XD
Kara: Maybe he can just happen to leave his computer on though...
Kitten: no tech skills but she would have been to his place atleased once or ten times, or she could put his number in the yellow pages site to get his addy
Kara: Lol, sounds good.
Kara: I'm also going to send some fairly random media (dreams, restraining orders) so I can work that caper in for sure. XD
Kitten: lol sweet!!!!!

To further clarify on the clarification:

1) Keep in mind documents can be biased. Just cause you got it inter-sesh doesn't mean it's true--keep the source in mind.
2) You can't search anything you don't have access to, unless you tell me why you now have access to it.
3) If you're Guns, you can submit all research queries to the forum entitled Network.0. If you're using something other than the network, just specify it at some point.
4) If you're Glamours, you have a totally analogous forum called Project Veritas. It works exactly the same way, and its description and "why the hell does it exist" bits will be explained on the "Project Veritas" forum.

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